After people take their first yoga class at Big Happy, they are surprised at how refreshed and invigorated they feel. They never expected to put out so much effort, and they never realized how physically demanding yoga can be. From that moment on, they become proud recurring students to the yoga classes of Dr. Philip Trigiani.

Unwinding With Yoga

Yoga has a long list of therapeutic benefits that most people are completely unaware of. If you are unable to get involved in a physically aggressive pain management regimen, then let us put together a yoga program for you. If you want to exercise muscles that you cannot seem to get to with standard exercise methods, then you need to use yoga.

Dr. Philip Trigiani and his team utilize their unique twist to make yoga relaxing and physically rewarding. If you just want to find a new way to unwind, then we have plenty of yoga courses that are simple but effective. We can offer yoga programs to the elderly, the injured, and people who have a hard time getting around. Everyone is welcome in the world of yoga.

Relaxing The Body And Mind

At Big Happy we love yoga because it gives us a chance to show you your true potential. We can get you to do things with yoga you never thought you could do. As you go through our yoga classes, you mind will expand and help you to understand things that may have been confusing to you before. Yoga has a power and the experts at Big Happy know how to unleash that power.

We are “Where Big Happiness Is THE Only Goal!” and yoga is a big part of what we do. Contact us today to make an appointment to introduce yourself to Big Happy and the power of yoga.

Nicole Troche

YA Certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga InstructorHello my name is Nicole Troche, a YA certified yoga instructor who specializes in Vinyasa. My classes are powerful, provoking and empowering. I teach to all walks of life and inspire my students to move with intention. I encourage them to become their own teachers by creating a practice that works for their body. I love using creative sequencing and class themes to compliment the rooms energy. Incorporating spirituality and mindfulness into my classes is something very important to me. I want my students to know that I provide a space for them to feel whatever it is that they may be be feeling and know they are supported in that.

I have been practicing yoga for 4 years now and have seen the good it has brought to those I’ve been able to share it with. I believe that yoga is a tool many of us can find helpful to have in situations throughout our lives, especially the ones that happen off of our mats.