Spa Massage in Westchester, NY

Few things in life are as relaxing and enjoyable as a good spa massage in Westchester, NY. When done by a professional who really knows how to help your body to relax it not only feels great, but can also provide you with many great health benefits. Whether your main goal is enjoyment, relaxation, or health benefits, we want to be there for you. Dr. Philip Trigiani is an experienced acupuncturist, massage therapist, and specializes in a wide range of different techniques that can provide you with natural pain relief and overall health benefits.
Scheduling a spa qualify massage with us is fast and easy. You can come to us in the morning, or swing by on your lunch break. We are also open for massage services in the evenings and weekends in most cases. If you are interested in learning more about a spa massage, please read on to learn how helpful they can be. We’ve helped many people from throughout Westchester, NY and the surrounding area, and we would be more than happy to serve you too. Whether you have had a massage in the past or not, we’re confident we will provide you with the best possible spa massage around.

Relaxing & Enjoyable

When getting a spa massage the main benefits are going to be that it is extraordinarily relaxing and enjoyable. You lay down and let our massage therapists rub the stress, worries, and anxiety out of your muscles and out of your life. We use only the highest quality oils and other products to help benefit your skin, while also soothing your entire body. Many of our clients come in weekly (or even more often) just to help unwind and relax. Rather than letting life fester under the surface, a good spa massage can help allow your mind and body to recover and strengthen.
Each of the massage therapists is trained to be able to use the right techniques for your massage when you need it. Whether you like a deep tissue massage, so a lighter touch, we can tailor your spa massage to your specific needs. In addition to spa massages, we also offer medical massages to help provide you with the care you need to overcome pain and other issues that may be plaguing your life. Don’t let the stresses and other difficulties in life remain a day longer, get in touch with us and schedule your spa massage.

Contact Us Today

If you have any questions about our spa massage services, or you would like to schedule a relaxing massage with us, please give us a call. We can be reached by dialing 212-769-6443. When you call, one of our professional team members will be happy to discuss your exact needs and answer any questions that you have. We have helped many people from throughout Westchester, NY and the surrounding area with all their massage needs and we are ready to help you too. Thank you for considering Acupuncture Westchester NY, we look forward to hearing from you soon.