Massage Therapy

Dr. Philip Trigiani is an expert in what real massage therapy can do for a person, and he is bringing that expertise to Big Happy. In the hands of an expert, massage therapy can relieve stress, act as part of a pain management program, and help to cure conditions such as insomnia.

The Many Applications Of Massage Therapy

In massage therapy, Dr. Philip Trigiani works the muscle groups and areas of the body that are directly tied to the problem the patient is experiencing. To the untrained eye, it can look like the therapist is working on muscles nowhere near the problem area. But the trained and certified massage therapist knows that connected areas are just as important as the areas directly effected.

Some people find that they cannot quit smoking because they are anxious or uptight. Massage therapy can be one effective part of a regimen that gets you off cigarettes for the rest of your life. Let Dr. Philip Trigiani use the methods he has perfected over the years to get you results you never imagined possible.

A Massage Therapy Program That Works

An effective massage therapy program takes weeks to administer, and it should be an ongoing program. At Big Happy, everything is done to ensure your comfort and to get you the best results. We set the right environment to allow you to relax and utilize our massage therapy services as they were meant to be utilized. Whether you are suffering from migraines or an injured back, Big Happy can help to relieve your pain and give you back your life. We know how to manipulate your body to get you the best possible results.

Contact Big Happy today and make an appointment for an initial consultation. Let Dr. Philip Trigiani and his crew show you how dedicated to the idea that Big Happy is “Where Big Happiness Is THE Only Goal!”