Acupuncture for Infertility & IVF Assistance

If you are having trouble conceiving a child you may be struggling to know where to turn. Many doctors jump right to recommending IVF as a solution, but that really isn’t a good idea. IVF is very invasive compared to many other options, and for many people it carries with it some moral issues as well. One solution that many people don’t know about is using acupuncture for infertility treatment. Acupuncture has been used for many generations to help women get pregnant when they had been having trouble, and it may be the right solution for you.
Many women in Westchester, NY have found that this is a very effective option to consider, and since it is not at all invasive, it is a great place to start. Acupuncture helps to encourage your body to operate in the way that it is supposed to, which is ideal for getting pregnant. A good acupuncturist like Dr. Philip Trigiani knows exactly what to do in order to address many of the most common issues that cause infertility.

Working With Your Body

Unlike many drugs and other procedures, acupuncture actually works with yoru body to restore it to the natural functions. The reproductive system in both men and women need to be healthy in order to get pregnant. If something in the body is not working right, it can often be fixed using acupuncture. Placing the right needles in the right place is a great way to restore the balance to the body so that it begins working the way it needs to in order to support a new life.

Helpful for Men and Women

Many people think of infertility as a women’s issue, but the reality is that it can be caused by either the man or the woman. This is why some couples will come in for an acupuncture treatment together. Focusing on both spouses can help address any type of issues that are preventing the pregnancy from occurring. Working together in this way can also help the couple to bond in new and important ways, which can be beneficial when seeking a child.

Reducing Stress

For many couples, the stress of trying to get pregnant can actually make it more difficult to conceive. The human body responds negatively to stress, so anything that can be done to help eliminate it will improve the chances of getting pregnant. Acupuncture is a very effective option for reducing stress in ones life, and with that in mind it is quite clear how it can help with infertility.

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